Yepidhikova, Petra



Petra is a pale Russian woman in her mid 20s, extremely tall, with straight blonde hair that accentuates her height. Her voice is husky, but not accented, and she dresses in trendy and high-quality white clothes.


Petra is a member of the Park Beautification Conservancy, allegedly second-in-command to Duncan Vilsick. She was part of the Conservancy during their takeover of the park from the werewolf packs that dominated it previously, earning Duncan’s respect through the body count she racked up, most of any Conservancy hunter by a good margin.

Her father is noted Russian millionaire Vitaly Yepidhikov.

She can be found in the gazebo area of the Park most days, enjoying the sun and beauty of the park she fought so hard to free.

Yepidhikova, Petra

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