Location: Downtown

Controlled by: ConservancyDuncan Vilsick

The Arboretum is the crowning glory of the new management in the Park. A state-of-the-art structure with construction just completed before the first snow fell in 2011, the Arboretum is a beautiful complex made of shining glass, polished steel and reflective marble. Host to many kinds of flora, including a special section with many rare orchids and hothouse flowers, the Arboretum also has wide banquet spaces suitable for gatherings and small political speeches. The sheer beauty of the building can not be overstated.

The building itself is a public and private works cooperative between the city government and real estate baron Matthias Vilsick. Some would say the project was truly headed (and demanded) by Matthias’ son Duncan, who met with several of his favorite architects and through several shouting matches got the building designed exactly as he desired. While public inquires to the Conservancy should be made with the Park Security Office, Duncan considers the Arboretum the true heart of the Conservancy and saves its use for special events.

The entire city is excited to see the Arboretum in its first summer open to the public.

Flowers Information – There are several extremely rare species of medicinal herbs and flowering plants kept in the protected sections of the Arboretum. Many of these could be used in synthesizing both quality cures and poisons. They could be given as gifts by a friendly Conservancy, or harvested and stolen by unscrupulous and covert characters.

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