Black Smoke Pack

The Black Smoke Pack hunt the oily asphalt and rusted corridors of the Industrial District. The Industrial District has always been a place of exploitation, factory and dock workers scratching out meager existences while magnates collect off their toils. With the first recession, many of these factories were shuttered and left to rot, and with the recent recession, the remaining factories have had hours, benefits and safety precautions cut. Adding to the strife and hardship are the Black Smoke Pack, a roaming band of violence and pain infliction that has only served to magnify the hard-scrabble existence of Industrial.

The Black Smoke Pack are led by Mare’s Tail, the Wild Woman. Not a lot is known about her past before Black Smoke arose to take Industrial by force five years ago, but she is anger and retribution incarnate. Even those in her pack earn their nips and scratches, though her hatred for the human herd is greater still. No one can say what happened to drive her into such prolonged fury, but few dare to ask. Hunters can sometimes pass through her territory with the proper supplication, though most vampires have learned to avoid the area altogether. The regular herd, the factory and dock workers, appear to oscillate between ceasefire and random violence; months will go by where no incidents are reported, and then a ‘bad stretch’ will happen where the factories are replacing the “Days Since Last Accident” sign several times a week.

Friends and Enemies – The simple answer for enemies is all of them. It’s almost easier to pick those who she tolerates; she has tolerated the presence of vampires sent on a direct mission from John Dennison in the past, though it’s unclear what fostered that respect. Sin-Eaters are sometimes allowed passage, they are natural nomads and thus they are no threat to settle down. Government spooks, scientists, and any ‘neighborhood watch’ groups that want to take her territory have special hatreds reserved for them, but none surpass the Park Beautification Conservancy. She has said one word regarding the relationship between the Black Smoke and the Conservancy; “Evisceration.”

Vampire Relations – Mare’s Tail makes no real distinction between humans and vampires, both smell of rot to her. But more feral Kindred, or those of the Gangrel clan, can sometimes impress her through a common understanding of ‘the Beast within’. Effete vampires however earn nothing but pain and dismemberment, they are worse than humans, because they are beasts who idolize and imitate them. Mare’s Tail takes this as predators idolizing prey, a completely irritating idea.

Black Smoke Pack

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