Brokedown Junction

Location: The Tunnels

Controlled by: Soon to be First Estate

A never completed station below Industrial, this area is a mess of half-completed concrete placement, bare iron struts keeping the roof up, and several maintenance and storage areas tucked into pitch black alcoves. The area exists at the end of what was intended to be the Green Line, but was abandoned half-way through completion when the economic recession hit in the 1970s. The city decided that with factories closing all over Industrial, constructing and maintaining a subway track with a terminus in Industrial would be a complete boondoggle. In the time since, the homeless of the area have come to calling it ‘Brokedown Junction’, most likely in reference to the entrails of a shredded train car that almost appears to have crashed into the station and left to rot, still laying across the tracks and serving as a bridge between the platforms.

Tonight, it is a key spot in the First Estate’s plans to retake control of the Tunnels. Whoever is selected as vice will administrate the area from this safe area.

Brokedown Junction

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