Charlie Kelly Tower

Location: Financial

Controlled by: The First Estate – Sarah Haversham

The Charlie Kelly Tower is the tallest skyscraper in the city bar none, built at the height of the Roaring Twenties. It is a tower of sheer glass, with an artistic division near the top that has the effect that the sun appears to strike both sides of it (morning, then afternoon) at all times, giving it a permanent shimmering glow during the day. At night the street lamps, neon signage and headlights of passing cars cast crazy reflections of the dark tinted glass, making it appear as a swirl of streaks and smoky city atmosphere. The Charlie Kelly Tower is named after housing (among dozens of other corporate headquarters) the Charlie Kelly Insurance Group, one of the Northeast US’s largest insurance actuaries. Other notable groups are the Grayson-Atherton Mortgage Company, one that is currently picketed daily for predatory lending practices, and the First Estate Property Association.

During the day, Charlie Kelly is home to the mortal shareholders and executives of the various companies. At night, it is the dark gargoyle from which Prince Sarah Haversham glowers over her city. Since its construction, it has served as her fortress, and has served admirably. Constant security presence, an often updated state-of-the-art electronic system, and the labyrinthine layout of the different firms (and elevator access) have kept her safe for closing in on one century. Even during the day it’s uncertain how many of the workers and executives are merely living their lives or are close blood thralls of the demon’s head that is the First Estate.

Along with Sarah Haversham is her Seneschal and close political ally, Gideon Gould. Since arriving in the city, he has been a power broker operating from Charlie Kelly, and between Sarah, Gould and the support of Nightlife’s John Dennison, the First Estate has a stranglehold over vampire politics in the city.

Business – The First Estate Property Association is an ownership partner for business concerns in the city. Beyond offering a bottomless financial fund for owners to draw from and amass incredible debts (allowing the First Estate to take ownership without a buy-out), they also offer convenient tax shelters, a top-flight armada of lawyers, and the ability to subtly control property values whereever they are given an in.

Charlie Kelly Tower

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