Some hunt monsters for religion, some to defend their communities or to seek revenge for wrongdoing. Others join the hunt out of sheer bloody-minded thrill-seeking. The Ashwood Abbey is one such compact, pure libertines who see the shadow society at arms every night as a grand game to play rather than a nightmare complex. They have no named presence in Philadelphia currently, though it’s safe to say that Park Beautification Conservancy leader Duncan Vilsick has studied under their wings at some point in his life.

Up to two years ago, the City Park in Philadelphia was an incredibly dangerous cesspool of the worst society had to offer. Using their considerable wealth and family connections, a group of affluent twenty-somethings began a society to clean up the park, naming themselves the Park Beautification Conservancy. The city planner’s daughter got trees replanted, the son of a private security firm head got a ‘family donation’, even minimum-security convict labour was acquired through a criminal justice family. Duncan Vilsick made his own family donation, wheedling out money for the beautiful new Arboretum. Of course, what none of these parents know is that the Conservancy was personally handling evicting the werewolves from the Park.

In a series of skirmishes, blood hunts and werewolf revenge killings turned into Conservancy ambushes, the Conservancy used fire and silver to chase the pack out and establish themselves as the new alpha in this territory. It was here that recent immigrant Petra Yepidhikova gained attention, going from just another rich kid to someone not to be trifled with, taking down more werewolves than the rest of the cell combined. This earned Duncan’s respect, and she currently acts as his second in command.

The Conservancy spends most days and nights not on the hunt, usually lazing about their polished park environs. On the nights when they choose to hunt, Duncan sends out a crack team to capture their intended prey. At that point, the game begins. Depending on the situation and the prey, Duncan creates an elaborate scenario that both tests the Conservancy hunters and gives the prey miniscule chance of escape. He gives them kind words and a chance, which he believes is only fair considering what will probably happen to them by the end of the night. Not every monster is killed, but the ones who make it out steer well clear of the park from then on.

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Friends and Enemies (Politics+Intelligence-1)
Mutiny (Streetwise+Composure-4)


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