First Estate

In mortal society, the First Estate Development Association is a property management conglomerate that specializes in land and building acquisition, with ties to both several construction firms for development or renovation, a bottomless cash pool and an armada of lawyers. Beyond the surface though, the First Estate is the dominant force in Kindred politics in Philadelphia. With the allegiance of roughly 80-85% of the city’s vampires, and four of the city’s Primogen, the First Estate dominates the Camarilla utterly.

The First Estate as it exists today was founded by Prince hHaversham, Sarah and Gideon Gould in the early 1920s, when they took power. It existed long before that in many different forms, and the name is common in many other cities, but the current Philadelphia incarnation can be traced back to the moment they won the support of Primogen John Dennison to their side. Since those days, they have truly prospered, and for the better part of 60 years have had a suffocating presence in both Kindred and human politics. They have a strong characteristic of order and upholding the various Traditions of vampire society, and as such have instilled those virtues into any and all Philadelphian Kindred.

Recent History – The arrival of the refugees from Pittsburgh shook the politics in the city up. Branko Dimitrakos arrived and made his first act of business to protect and prosper without begging for sponsorship from the First Estate. Much to Sarah and Gideon’s chagrin, but fully understandable by Camarilla tradition, the previous Mekhet Primogen stepped down and gave the title to Branko, not finding it worthwhile to go to war over it. Branko accepted the position and allegedly awarded the incumbent some form of recompense.

Primogens – The First Estate has four of the city’s five Primogens, the oldest and most powerful members of each vampire clan. Sarah Haversham’s first move when taking power was to destroy or banish older Daeva vampires to take the position for herself in addition to Prince (a risky but key move to her prolonged reign). Gideon Gould’s influence and cunning was enough to have the previous Ventrue Primogen step down and leave the city of his own accord sometime in the 40s, recognizing the direction of the wind. John Dennison has been Gangrel Primogen since the late 1800s, and probably could have taken power as Prince in 1920 if he so desired to. Lastly, Eric Morland was made Primogen of the comparatively weaker Nosferatu clan seven years ago.

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First Estate

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