Free Council

The Free Council is the most recent society of mages to form, basing their beliefs on modern societal mores instead of millenia-old hierarchies. Most differently from the others, they embrace sleepers as the real future of magic, and hold that teaching and helping them will bring the Supernal realm back from the abyss.

The Philadelphia sect of the Free Council was little different until almost ten years ago. Over time an argument between Free Council leader and Thrysus Archmage Garland and Hierarch Desideratum grew from petty sniping and recrimination to outward shouting matches and duel challenges, until Guardians of the Veil and Silver Ladder mages constructed a vote to evict the Free Council from Consilium affairs. Every Council willworker save Garland apologized and left the Council for the remaining societies, effectively blackballing Garland from every mage sanctum in Philadelphia.

Later apprentices read the history of the Consilium and heard the stories of the disgraced Archmage, begging for access to Mysterium libraries and trading his last few possessions for tass. They sought him out, wanting to share from his knowledge, and the Free Council was born anew, though much smaller.

Today it is served by three mages; Garland, and his apprentices Persephone and Cordite. Sleepwalker Ana Niedermayer believes in the Free Council ethos and aids them however she can, acting as their personal assistant.

Free Council

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