Location: Downtown

Controlled by: Conservancy

Before the clean-up program established by the Park Beautification Conservancy, the gazebo areas were dens for both drug dealers and their clients. Flamboyant serial killers would dump bodies in the gazebos, in dramatic and depraved poses. The idea of walking through the Park between Downtown and the Financial District was complete suicide, even before dark. At night, it was home to the worst criminal behaviors, and stranger occurrences were reported as well.

Since the Conservancy took the park back for the public, the gazebo area has become the ideal poster for the Park and for Philadelphia itself. Couples and the elderly can enjoy the many benches along walkways without fear of altercation, and the gazebos themselves are plentiful for group activities. Petra Yepidhikova can be found here most days, reading a variety of books in both Russian and English.

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