Goner's Arcade

Location: Suburbia

Controlled by: Network 0 – Mitch Goldberg

Looking like it fell out of the 80s, Goner’s Arcade is a relic of better days. It does have newer equipment, a third-generation DDR machine and a Pop ‘n’ Music are kept facing front to attract street passersby, but the real jewels are the ancient vector graphics machines, the regulation Asteroids machine, the growls of Sinistar as you walk to the public bathroom. There’s also some machines that barely work, or randomly throw junk and indecipherable codas at the player upon reaching level 7. It doesn’t do great business, but those who like Goner’s Arcade like it a lot.

It serves as a kind of base for Mitch Goldberg and his now adult buddies, frequent posters on Network 0 alt-dot sites and their paranormal image board 0chan. There’s no defenses, besides it being a public business in the most police heavy part of town, and little resources besides the hacked wifi of the business next door; but it is the appropriate venue for their muckraking.

Goner's Arcade

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