Loyalists of Thule

The original organization behind the Loyalists was the Thule Gesellschaft, or Thule Society, a group of German occultists who focused on looking for the Ultimate Source, the civilization that started all others. Their studies lead them to the Aryans; two members took these ideas and went on to found the Nazi party. When the party rose to power, the Thule Society was no better than the other secret societies and was condemned and dismembered.

Adding to the sorrows of the Thule Society was the fact they had made contact with the world of the dead shortly before, along with a number of other disturbing but enlightening encounters. The survivors realized that these monsters were more important than the source of civilization and turned their studies to them, reforming as the Loyalists of Thule.

The Loyalists see themselves as in a great debt to the human race, and must find out about these sources of darkness and eradicate them to atone. Older members seek to atone for the role they played in creating the horrors of Nazi Germany and the subsequent war. Many of them hope to use this knowledge to save or improve humanity, but a few have only self-interest in the studies of the Indebted.

Loyalists are one of the most scholarly compacts, more eager to track down information that obliterating a dark creature; that is not to say they will not defend themselves or innocents if confronted. The Loyalist have extremely deep knowledge of the different creature types, and know how to handle each one efficiently. The Loyalists also have a deep hatred for anything Nazi-related, from surviving vampire supporters to ordinary human hate-groups, and will happy dispose of any of these blasphemers.

Loyalists of Thule

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