The Mysterium is a mage society dedicated to the acquiring, safekeeping, and study of magical artifacts. Usually attracting the most educated and intellectual of most mage societies, the Mysterium performs many important functions protecting both mages and sleepers. In some cities they are closely allied with the Guardians of the Veil in tracking and ending unmoderated usage of dangerous artifacts, in others they essentially act as the armory for the Adamantine Arrow, provided and maintaining their magical weaponry.

In Philadelphia, the Mysterium has taken a neutral stance in the small cold war between the Council and the other mage societies. Once all the societies were very separate entities, but with the Free Council being expelled, the Hierarch Desideratum made strides towards unifying the remaining members of the Consilium into one functional group, sharing their wealth and denying any service to the Free Council. The archmage Mayflyy found this to be an uncomfortable and untenable situation; the complete blacklisting of Council mages went against her personal integrity, and there was no real offer from the Consilium to aid in their protection of artifacts. She separated the Mysterium from the new conglomerate, offering services to both Consilium mages and the Free Council. While some in the Guardians feel that this is a betrayal, the Ladder and Arrow have made no condemnation of their decision.

The Mysterium is little known among the hunter groups of Philadelphia, though it seems they have a bitter rivalry with their sleeper counterparts in the Aegis Kai Doru.

The Mysterium is now based in the Humanities Wing of the University. Appearing for all the world to be students, tutors and support staff for the massive University, they have magically constructed and then occluded several libraries, labs and vaults to perform their tasks.

Mysterium mages;
Mayfly – Acanthus archmage and Mysterium leader
Godard – Mastigos mage
Charnel – Moros apprentice
Virgo – Thrysus apprentice
Matt Woo – sleepwalker assistant
Alanna Pettite – sleepwalker assistant


The Philadelphia Crusade Brodehouse