Pennsylvania State Library

Location: Downtown

Controlled by: Loyalists of Thule – Curio

The Pennsylvania State Library is a massive structure, three stories in height. Designed in a kind of bowl structure with a massive multi-floor mezzanine, each concentric ring is filled with every kind of subject the government could think of. Originally designed to be a Presidential Library, construction halted shortly, and then began again with the design to be a state and private-funded cooperative works project.

Behind obfuscated passageways and through electronic sealed doors, the underbelly of the Library holds many white walled, sterile looking conference rooms and lodgings. It serves as a new Philadelphia base for the Loyalists of Thule, a capable if impersonal safe house, and an easily accessible historical and academic research center.

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Hack Private E-Mails – Cloves (Computers+Intelligence-2)
Hack Private E-Mails – Curio (Computers+Intelligence-5)

Pennsylvania State Library

The Philadelphia Crusade Brodehouse