Location: Nightlife

Controlled by: The First Estate

Priceless is the most elite club in town. Only the richest and most famous enter, and rarely say anything about the decor of the club other than it being impeccable. They are a private club that only allows based on a guest list that is determined by unknown means. They have been known to send invitations, but only to the brightest of society.

A famous rumor is that it was this club that first introduced John F. Kennedy (then a state senator) to Marilyn Monroe.

Gaining Entry – No one enters Priceless unless the higher ups want you to, and for the group this means someone of Primogen status or higher. Even Archer Ambrose or other city vices do not have the clout to bring guests outside of the First Estate.

Management – Priceless is of course a member of the First Estate Property Association, and a board of governors is listed as its controlling influence, though one name on the set stands out; Gideon Gould, the Kindred Seneschal.

Visitors – Beyond its management, Priceless regulars include Duncan Vilsick, Timothy Midwood, Sachit, Edie Liebowitz, and members of the Radio 34 Entertainment Group.


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