Radio 34

Location: Financial

Controlled by: The Consilium – Hierarch Desideratum

Radio 34 was built in 1934 (hence the title) as the largest and most powerful radio tower in the United States at the time (being eclipsed by a Madison Square tower in 1942 and many since). The edifice recalls its time of construction, great stone lions guard the entrances and watch the corner it graces, a stylized “R34” inside of a triangle meant to represent the tower itself is still used today as the symbol for the building, even after the radio tower itself was replaced by office floors and roof-top satellite dishes. For 20 years, Radio 34 Media Enterprises has focused on producing television, including hit shows The Deadliest Kitchen and MemeWatch. Recently it has put vast capital into increasing its internet production division.

Beyond the television magic that happens daily at Radio 34, actual magic is practiced by some of the production companies and talent divisions that work daily at the tower. It has long been the preferred sactum of Philadelphia’s area mages, and rumors in the hunter community talk of hidden signals in the programs it produces. These rumors have existed from the day an executive at Radio 34 was revealed as having powers of subtle trickery, and they show no sign of relenting.

The Consilium, the society of mages, meets here, all with covers as talent agents, props managers, line producers and money management. Through focus groups and casting calls, they find an excellent source of testing sleepers for the ability to perceive magic without causing Paradox, giving the Consilium an incredible supply of sleepwalkers to act as assistants in their arcane work.

Guardians of the Veil I – The Ladder and Guardians co-exist well, though there is a slight element of a power struggle between the Mastigos Archmage Vincentius and Hierarch Desideratum, who belongs to the Ladder. Vincentius believes Desideratum spends too much time playing area politics against her unawakened rivals, and while the Hierarch respects Vincentius for his talent and thoroughness, she believes he oversteps his bounds too often and acts as if he were the Hierarch.

Guardians of the Veil II – Vincentius is not a stranger to Radio 34, the Guardians in fact have their own floor where they can keep tabs on the city. However, the dirty little secret not known to others, even some of his Guardians, is that Vincentius keeps an off-site facility where he handles ‘significant issues’.

Mana – Radio 34 is flush with it. Beyond having a massive storehouse of tass for ‘a rainy day’, several floors on Radio 34 generate mana, and it was enough for several years to house all five societies of mages with mana to spare. The odd thing noted by sleepwalkers working for the Consilium is that when the Free Council was evicted, and the Mysterium later separated, the mana fonts seemed to produce relatively less, as if they responded to the collection of Awakening intrinsically.

Free Council – The data storage for magic research in Radio 34 was created by the Free Council while still part of the Consilium. It was based off a chance idea around the turn of the millenium to find a way to put rotes and lectures into a digital format without warping or corrupting it. The Council mages eventually developed a proprietary format that could write and play special discs. The rotes to operate these machines are still in Radio 34, though the keys to the construction of these machines (or building a more modern version) are lost to all but the minds of the developers themselves.

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Radio 34

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