St Finian's

Location: Nightlife

Controlled by: First Estate – John Dennison

St. Finian’s Irish Pub was opened in 1967, not long after the arson of St. Ciaran’s Irish Pub. In 1969, it became a part of the newly formed First Estate Property Development Association and remains so to this day.

It is owned and managed by Marie McLanahan, she handles all daytime affairs and a great deal of the nighttime as well. It is the preferred haunt of Primogen John Dennison, an ancient vampire of incredible influence, who is in charge of all feeding and ‘incidents’ that occurs in the Nightlife district as a whole.

Vampire Information – St. Finian’s is a relatively mediocre area in terms of feeding. It doesn’t attract much pass-through, and those that do are generally too alert to be quality targets in a hunt. However, those that do like the atmosphere at St. Finian’s quickly become frequent visitors, often making longterm friendships with other patrons. John Dennison is virtually untouchable in his private area. All guests to the basement floor are, if not actual vampries or thralls, under the effects of subtle conditioning to subdue any violent guests, while Dennison makes his escape through a number of memorized paths.

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St Finian's

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