Location: Nightlife

Controlled by: The party.

A joint ownership enterprise put together by Omar Scalzi, Synergy is both a dance and hard rock club located in the heart of Philadelphia’s Nightlife Circuit. Among the group that invested in the club are the White Heat record label, Petra Yepidhikova’s father Vitaly Yepidhikov, the enigmatic Mr. Desmarches, Stroika, and the group as a whole.

The club’s special guest list on opening night is as follows;
Garland (and Cordite)
Stavros Janasry
Duncan Vilsick (and friends)
Anthony Mack
Timothy Midwood (and friends)
Matt Woo
Branko Dimitrakos (and Soryu)
Petra Yepidhikova
Archer Ambrose
Gwendolyn Barthes
Sachit (and Megrim)

Vitaly Yepidhikov has set himself a small backroom office for him and his eastern business partners to drink and discuss in. Persephone, Garland and Cordite have taken a great interest in the basement area.


The Philadelphia Crusade Brodehouse