Unlike some other American hunter organizations who claim to have ties in America’s past, Valkyrie can actually trace it’s lineage back through American history, to the end of the Civil War. After an organized team of Federal troops failed to rescue Abraham Lincoln, the team leader, Gordon West, decided that for the good of the recently reunified nation, decided to stage the assassination of the now dead president, using a look-alike and hiring known-seccesionist John Wilkes Booth to do the deed. Since then, West’s group worked outside the government to oppose the supernatural as best they could.

It was during World War II that the organization was reformed under the Joint Chiefs of Staff, without the knowledge of Pres. Roosevelt. With intelligence that the Nazis were using supernatural allies to aid their efforts, the Joint Chiefs decided to use their own hunters against the enemy in 1944. Setting out against all manner of bizarre and deadly Nazi sympathyzers with nothing more than their wits and weapons, the fledging task force succeeded where others had failed. After the successful cover-up of the famed Roswell Incident in 1947, Valkyrie disappeared into the shadows, and only a select few know of their existence. Even the president is not privy to their existence.

TFV are the stereotypical Men in Black. Every story that you have heard about black helicopters and special forces appearing out of the mist is TFV.

The purpose of VALKYRIE is quite simple: for any report of supernatural activity that threatens U.S. security, agents are sent to assess, report, and neutralize the threat. While there are proper procedures, the best VALKYRIE agents have learned that to survive, sometimes one must break through the red tape.

The members and use of VALKYRIE are among the most secret of secret organizations, though they are often recruited from relatively inauspicious postings. New agents are implanted with a special chip that allows them to operate the specialized arsenal created just for the Task Force. An agent who fails to live up to expectations or grossly violate operating code have their memories erased and are placed in offshore prison facilities for the rest of their life.

In Philadelphia TFV is there to protect the interests of the Government and of the people it is charged to protect. TFV operative in the Field, Charles O’Donnell, has been charged to ally himself the coaltion and end the Vampire threat in Philadelphia.

TFV has weaponry that will boil the blood out of the oldest of Vampire and stop a Werewolf from changing its form but uses its equipment sparingly, TFV doesn’t want the public to know too much.


The Philadelphia Crusade Brodehouse