The Playground

Location: The Tunnels

Controlled by: None

Somewhere between the Black and White Lines of the Philadelphia Tunnels lies what the Black Blossom Court refers to as ‘The Playground’. While they can be found spying on the various homeless and troublemakers who walk the side doors, and in more social moments may ‘entertain’ travelers on trains, the Playground is the base of operations and throne room of the crew.

The Playground is not an area but a design ethos, it can be set up in any area Miss Nyx deems appropriate. A clearing is made in the center, with strange greenish, sweet-smelling trashcan fires to the left and right to create a kind of red carpet for visitors to lead to the girlqueen herself. Large pieces of discarded furntiure, old train cars and dilapidated maintenance vehicles are piled up on the side opposite the entrance, forming a massive throne for Miss Nyx to rule from. All around on the various scraps left over, her subjects sit, nodding to music only they can hear, letting the gregarious girl talk for them when they’re too scared to speak. From here the Black Blossom Court holds their morose little parties and mad revels, toying with the minds and emotions of their guests, sampling a wide variety of strange drugs, Nyx going into passionate frenzies and issuing demented pep talks to the deranged masochists who love her.

Directions – The Playground is invitation-only. Vampire armies and government strike forces have spent weeks lost in the maze of tunnels, electronically mapping the area room by dusty room, and have never found the Playground. Meanwhile, lost train riders and small groups with interesting stories have a habit of ‘stumbling’ into the Playground. When the travelers are directly looking for it, Nyx’s freakish representative Kenny Sixes is dispatched to judge their intentions and direct them to the Playground to have an audience with royalty.

March 28th – With Miss Nyx having left the Tunnels for a new shiny piece of territory to call her own, the days of the Playground and its gloomy choir are over.

The Playground

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