The Potter's Field

Location: Industrial

Controlled by: Black Smoke Pack

The square of land known as the Potter’s Field sits between the Piquette Plant and an abandoned scrapyard. Train tracks run through the Potter’s Field, though scarcely in use in modern times. The Potter’s Field got its name from its former use as a city cemetary burial for the indigent and the unknown. In time, such fields fell out of favor with the city, and its official functions stopped in 1888. However, due to its marshy composition and its location at a crook in the Schuylkil river, it tends to function as a kind of drainage basin, and bodies dumped in Philadelphia rivers have an uncanny knack for finding themselves in the Potter’s Field. Furthermore, it has a kind of reputation for being a dumping ground for people whacked by criminal enterprises.

Beyond what is publically known about it, the Potter’s Field houses many restless ghosts and spirits drawn to the macabre. The Black Smoke Pack consider the lonely patch of land to be in their territory, and as such, all visitors find themselves in confrontation with the zealous Mare’s Tail.

The Potter's Field

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