Township High School

Township High School is an abandoned school on the fringe of Suburbia. It was used as the chief high school when this area was outside of Philadelphia city limits, but Suburbia grew in a different direction towards the city, eventually becoming part of the city proper. As such, about five years ago the school was shuttered as a new state of the art school closer to Suburbia’s heart was established. The school is actually in decent repair and condition, and it can be called a waste of resources closing it. In the years since, it became an area for its former students to break into and party in until police showed up.

That has seen a major decrease lately, which most people attribute to the Better Way. There’s occasional talk that the lights go on despite there being no electricity being ran there anymore. The truth is its used as a hangout for much more territorial creatures. Namely a group of political dissident vampires known as the anarchs who believe the Camarilla, the system of laws in Kindred culture, is keeping their race down and needs to be changed greatly if not completely abolished. These anarchs use the school as a meeting place, and its wide grounds and huge interior area give them both a strategically defensible building and the ability to flee when they choose not to fight.

March 19th – The party has discovered a spirit slowly manifesting in the band room of the school. Saint identified it as a spirit of disobedience, probably attracting both unruly Suburban residents and the anarchs themselves.

March 25th – The anarchs have been pushed out of Township High School by the party. Snowblind escaped to leave the city temporarily.

March 28th – Township High School was ‘given’ to the erratic Miss Nyx as new territory, in exchange for information regarding the whereabouts of the feral vampire Varm. It is unclear what she has done with her new stomping grounds.

Township High School

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