Valencia Bloodline

The Valencia Bloodline are within the hunter community, the world’s pre-eminent vampire hunters. Gaining the reputation through centuries of existence, legends of the almost supernatural talent of their Scions, and their complete focus on eliminating the Kindred, the Valencia Bloodline have made both allies and enemies in their unrelenting determination.

The story of their existence begins with a myth regarding a man named Cicero and his family. After his wife was taken by a vampire lord, he attempted a rescue on the vampire’s haven and was almost destroyed for his efforts. Through fervent prayer, he was granted holy weaponry and the ability to create more for his daughter. Dying the process, the daughter (only ever referred to as such by Valencia family members) took up these weapons and assaulted the fortress, killing scores of inhuman monsters in the process. Killing her own mother, now perverted by the Kindred Curse, she could not destroy the vampire lord, as he fled dishonorably. She roamed the countryside of medieval Europe, gaining allies and mothering children. As she aged and could do no more, one of her children picked up her weaponry and gained all her skill and resolute focus. This child is what the Valencias refer to as the first Scion.

Since then, they have grown and decreased through generations, their actions mostly focused in Europe. Sometime in the 18th century there was a great argument among the family between Catholics and Orthodox, eventually leading to a East-West split between the Orthodox (based out of Kiev and named the Wolencja Bloodline) and the Catholic Valencia Bloodline based out of the Spanish city that bears their name. It’s said both factions have their own Scion, and their mythic weapons are divided between them. The Sword of Eden, a terrible swift blade that ignites in the hand of the Scion, rests with the Wolencja Bloodline. Heaven’s Chain, a length of silver chain that sweats holy water, burning the skin of evil creatures, rests with the western Valencias.

In 2010, a holy crusade was called on the American city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In most times, the Valencias operate separately or in small cells, attempting to eliminate vampires while minimizing damage to the city and harm to innocents. During a holy crusade, all members of the family converge in a single location, and every moral compass is set aside in the name of the blood. Buildings burn, attacks on suspected vampires (and even their thralls) are made in plain view, and they stop at nothing until the ‘infestation’ has been eliminated. The Pittsburgh crusade did them no favors, causing considerable damage to the city and angering several hunter factions including the Malleus Maleficarum and Task Force: VALKYRIE.

The current Scion is Rebekah Valencia, daughter of the previous Scion, Michael. Her brother Isaac is currently investigating the necessity of a crusade in the Pennsylvanian city of Philadelphia.

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Current Strength (Socialize+Presence-2 or Isaac Valencia rapport > 2)
Cicero’s Tools – Origin (Persuasion+Presence-3)
Cicero’s Tools – Aegis Kai Doru (Persuasion+Manipulation)

Valencia Bloodline

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