Jones-Klein-Beauchamp Building

Location: Financial

Controlled by: Cheiron Group – Miranda Barthes

The Jones-Klein-Beauchamp Building is a skyscraper surrounded by smaller buildings in a manner that resembles the support structures of an obelisk. A massive grey and black building of concrete and polished chrome edifices, the Jones-Klein-Beauchamp Building (better known as the JKB Building) is, of course, the United States corporate headquarters of the eponymous conglomerate. It is actually the birthing grounds for some of the company’s greatest successes, specifically in areas of mental health drugs such as anti-depressants, anti-psychotics and mood stabilizers. While the main skyscraper is devoted to the business side of Big Pharma (distribution, packaging, marketing and legal) the surrounding buildings host the bulk of its research and laboratory work, attractive the brightest of the nation’s scientific minds with extremely competitive salaries and benefits packages.

Unbeknownst to the general public, while the lab floors that look down on the neighboring parks and city streets work on new saratonin delivery mechanisms, the lab floors miles underground and performing stranger experiments the likes of which the general public could hardly fathom. It’s unclear how much of the pharmaceuticals and cutting edge hospital industry tools and were developed in conjunction with monster research, but the Cheiron Group’s long dominance in the market suggests that they may have access to some secret ingredients that their competitiors lack.

Barthes Prosthetics is housed in one of the sub-buildings connected to the skyscraper, home to advancements in artificial limbs and organs that, in the last 25 years, have made Barthes Prosthetics one of the most profitable wings of the Cheiron Group. Third-generation CEO Miranda Barthes office is located here, and her daughter Gwendolyn Barthes makes rare appearances. The main skyscraper houses an empty office rented to Perestroika-F Enterprises, ostensibly a Bulgarian-based pharmaceutical distributor, but really a front for Stroika’s activities.

March 21st – Investigating a task given to Stroika revealed that one of the sub-basement labs had been corrupted by what Persephone could describe as a ‘paradoxical tear’, caused by warping of powerful leylines by vulgar spellcasting. Miranda Barthes reported repairmen becoming confused in their task, and a rampant misplacing of tools and information. Within the tear itself was a strange series of puzzles and a riddle involving several medical brain procedures. When the lighthouse within the tear was activated, the tear mended and the leylines were restored. If access were not restricted for Cheiron members, it would be a functional demesne.

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Jones-Klein-Beauchamp Building

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